Richot Brandy is a premium, full bouquet, well matured grape brandy meant for the discerning consumer who does not compromise on quality. Matured in single oak casks in Italy, Richot Brandy is rated ‘Perfect Blend’ meaning it is a blend of the best grapes matured in wood for at least 5 years. Richot Brandy’s unmatched standard stems from its Italian heritage and its maturation process, all carefully done to be enjoyed in Kenya with friends.

The new RichotBrandy, is a five-year Italian matured brandy, that promises to be a treat to consumers. The rich, amber-coloured drink undergoes a 5 year maturation process in oak casks by world acclaimed Bonollo Distillery, whose legacy dates back to 1918. The process represents the most advanced technology in the area of distillery in and out of Italy.

The Richot story begins from the spine of the Apennine Mountains, Italy, where fresh ripe grapes are selected from the fields. By Italian law, brandy is distilled from sound and wholesome wine and is then aged in oak casks. To ensure that the maturation process is on track, and that the resultant brandy is of the highest quality, a Master Vintner closely monitors the maturation process

For many years, Ugandans everywhere enjoyed drinking their local gin. This gin recipe was passed down from generation to generation, a treasured blend of the land.