Graduate Programme

Our graduate program is a three-year adventure during which you will jump straight into your new role – a real job with fast-tracked career paths where you will be inspired to reach your full potential. You will be introduced to the world of business and given the opportunity to demonstrate your drive and creativity.

You will work with business leaders and other graduates across sister companies within Diageo. You will have support of an experienced manager, dedicated mentor and “buddy” who will help you successfully navigate your career.

Each year you will have the opportunity to work in another part of the business and at the end of the three-year period you should be ready for a management role within the business.

How it works:

The global graduate program announcement will be run on our website annually, inviting applications in the following business areas:- Marketing, Sales, Finance, HR and Supply. All applicants will complete their details online and will respond to questions that will tell us more about them and how they work. The final auditions challenge with is a one-day assessment centre that entails a number of exercises that will help us identify your talents.

We look out for fresh graduates with a passion to make a difference, a passion to win and excellent academic qualifications. We specifically look out for persons whose values are aligned to our business values and who will thrive in our business culture.

Graduate Programme