Our Values

Our Values are at the heart of our business. They form a critical element of our corporate strategy influencing the way we work every day and everywhere. We look at our five corporate values as a boundary, a sphere within which each one of us takes individual responsibility to nurture growth.

  1. We are passionate about consumers. Our curiosity and consumer insights drive our growth. We cherish our brands and we are creative in pursuing their full potential. We are innovative, constantly searching for new ideas that drive growth and developing them across the business.
  2. We value each other. We seek and strive for inclusion and diversity, mutually fulfilling relationships and partnerships and respect for people's lives.
  3. We give ourselves and each other the freedom to succeed. We trust each other, we are open to challenges and we respond quickly to the opportunities this creates.
  4. We are proud of what we do and how we do it. We behave responsibly with the highest standards of integrity and social responsibility.
  5. We strive to be the best. We are always learning and improving, we set high standards and stretch to exceed them. We celebrate our success.

We are passionate about consumers, value each other, give each other freedom to succeed and we strive to be the best.