Grace Nshemeire Gwaku Uganda Waragi

On Friday 21st –August-2015, ‘’The spirit of Uganda’ celebrated a momentous milestone- 50 years in business- at Trendz Bar in Bugolobi. In existence since 1965, the local gin ‘’enguuli’’, like its commonly known, is a cherished blend of the land. Its recipe has been passed on from generation to generation.

When the British settlers landed in Uganda, they named it ‘war gin’ because of its popularity during times of victory and celebration. Eventually, UBL started to masterfully blend it. The result is a drink that has become synonymous with Uganda’s social life.

Following the recent launch of their innovative Uganda Waragi Flavors (Coconut and Coffee), UBL also decided to mark Uganda Waragi’s 50 anniversary celebration by putting the celebrated Ugandan drink in a whole new bottle. The new design was a culmination of months of research, hard work and collaborations between some of the world’s best design agencies and a very talented local brand team that worked to create a bottle that will not only be appreciated by all Uganda Waragi consumers, but ensure that it proudly sits on the shelf amongst the world’s most celebrated spirits.

“Uganda Waragi is undoubtedly one of our country’s proudest treasures and stands today, 50 years strong, being the most respected spirit in Uganda. This does not happen very often for our local brands, and we have therefore chosen to use this celebration to reaffirm the brand’s stature with a stunning, iconic and world class new bottle” said Grace Nshemeire-Gwaku, Marketing and Innovations Director at Uganda Breweries.

The guests, who included an array of celebrities, cooperate and the media, enjoyed a wide range of tailor made neat and uniquely Ugandan cocktails. This was part of the initiation for what was dubbed the biggest campaign in the history of Uganda Waragi and will run for a full year.

“The new campaign is inspired by The Spirit of Uganda and hence will feature the hash tag #SOUG. By celebrating the greatness of our nation’s spirit, we hope to encourage Ugandans to release their vibrant spirit for the world to see. With this new iconic bottle, we wanted to create a symbol of national pride that embodies the great spirit of Ugandans, with a modern look to carry our spirit into the next 50 years,” said Rhona Namanya, Brand Manager of Uganda Waragi.

’The spirit of Uganda’ celebrated a momentous milestone- 50 years in business- at Trendz Bar in Bugolobi.